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Municipal Lift Stations

Municipal wastewater lift stations are pumping stations designed to lift wastewater to higher elevations in order to use gravity to convey the wastewater to the treatment plant. Lift stations play an important role in geographies that are relatively flat with little elevation change to allow for gravity flow. 

Municipal Lift StationTypically the odor causing element is Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) which can be controlled with various technologies. KCH can provide you with options for Biotrickling Filters, Carbon Adsorbers, Wet Chemical Scrubbers or a combination of all three technologies. The current trend is to use a Biotrickling Filter to remove H2S followed by a Carbon Adsorber polisher to remove any remaining odors. Using the Biotickling Filter as the first stage also extends the Carbon Adsorber media bed and reduces operating costs. Biotrickling Filters don’t perform as well in cooler climates and typically cold climate regions have lower H2S levels. In these areas, clients have used Carbon Adsorbers alone or as polishing system to a Wet Scrubber system.  

There’s no one solution that satisfies every client's odor control issues. Contact one of KCH's Odor Control Experts to discuss your specific situation.

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