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Zinc Electroplating 

Zinc provides a decorative and protective coating over a variety of metal substrates.  Due to advances in chemical formulation, Zinc Electroplating processes have evolved through the years.  

Below are a few processes:

1. Alkaline cyanide zinc plating
2. Alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating
3. Chloride zinc plating
4. Zinc - Alloy Plating

Cyanide-based zinc plating has decreased in recent years, due to the development of more efficient and safe non cyanide zinc plating processes. As a result, Chloride Zinc Plating and  Zinc Alloy plating has now been increasingly specified in automotive plating and other markets.  Specifically, Zinc Nickel Plating provides great corrosion protection through a range of temperatures, along with providing good wear resistance. 

Zinc Electroplating



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