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Municipal Wastewater

Odor Control Systems

2 Odor Control Systems
2 Odor Control Systems

Municipal Wastewater Treatment plants generate odorous compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, DMS, DMDS, amines, and methyl mercaptans. These compounds are offensive to neighbors and increase maintenance costs due to corrosion of capital equipment and infrastructure. If your wastewater facility has problems with corrosion or nuisance odors let KCH Engineered Systems design and manufacture an Odor Control System to meet your needs.

KCH has the Chemical Wet Scrubbers, Carbon Adsorbers and Biotrickling Filter technology to control odors and reduce corrosion at your wastewater treatment plant.

Common WWTP Odor Producing Areas:

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
Off-gas of Hydrogen Sulfide Degasifiers
Municipal Pump/Lift Stations
Belt Filter Presses/Dewatering
Municipal Composting
Sludge Dryers
Anaerobic Digesters

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