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Superior Corrosion Protection

Polystrong PolylastPOLYSTRONG® and POLYLAST® are the latest KCH innovation in corrosion-resistant thermoplastic materials with excellent UV resistance and structural integrity. KCH vessels and equipment built with POLYSTRONG® material are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 140˚F, wind loads up to 170 MPH, and provide a combination of quality corrosion-, bacteria-, wicking-and UV-resistance over and above standard FRP laminates as shown below:

POLYSTRONG® has been subjected to rigorous lab testing to meet specific NSF Drinking Water Standards. Combining outstanding structural integrity and a superior corrosion barrier, POLYSTRONG® is ideal for even the most demanding designs and applications for outdoor usage. POLYSTRONG® is a multi-layer vessel material, chemically bonded through spray chop FRP technology.

POLYSTRONG® Applications:

Degasifiers and Aerators Used for Municipal Water Treatment Plants Requiring NSF/ANSI61-G Drinking Water System Components Certification
High-Static Pressure Ventilation Systems
Chemical Storage Tanks
Wet Scrubbers
Biotrickling Filters
Physical Adsorption System

POLYLAST® is a desirable, cost-effective alternative to POLYSTRONG® that still offers the superior corrosion resistance and provides ultraviolet resistance required to prevent costly UV degradation.

POLYLAST® Applications:

Degasifiers and Aerators Used for Municipal Water Treatment Plants Requiring NSF/ANSI 61-G Certification Drinking Water System Components
Anywhere the Highest Level of Corrosion Resistance and UV Protection Is Required
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