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The History

Since the company’s founding in 1979, KCH Services Incorporated quickly rose to become an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of corrosion resistant ventilation systems.

KCH has earned it's esteemed reputation within the air pollution control and metal finishing industries through an unrivaled commitment to quality, service, and innovation.  We have installed hundreds of systems throughout the North American continent.

In the mid 90's we rebranded as KCH Engineered Systems, expanded our engineering department, manufacturing capabilities, and began building wet process lines, process tanks, and surface finishing equipment.  KCH has installed numerous process lines throughout the country for a variety of markets, such as Aerospace and Automotive.  

KCH manufactures its equipment from high performance materials such as POLYSTRONG® and POLYLAST®.  Our business continues to expand in various sectors, such as odor control for municipal water treatment applications. 

We are a Veteran-owned small business, and a certified member of the Small Business Association's (SBA) HUBZone contracting program.  KCH is an equal opportunity employer.  

The Philosophy


All of our products are developed with the four tenets of our business philosophy in mind: Quality, Engineering, Know-How and Service. We follow these standards on all levels, whether we are fabricating metal finishing equipment like polypropylene tanks or designing custom air pollution or odor control systems.  Our facilities house state of the art equipment capable of meeting key industry approvals and rigorous standards. 


More than 35 years after it was founded, KCH remains a pioneer in the industry thanks to our team of dedicated employees.  Commitment to teamwork combined with advanced manufacturing technology has secured KCH’s position as the “go to” company for successful projects throughout the industries we serve. 

Founder and CEO

Kenneth C HankinsonKen Hankinson founded KCH Services in 1979 and in 1980 incorporated the company that is now known as KCH Engineered Systems.  Since then, KCH has set the standard in several areas.

As a veteran in corrosion resistant equipment, Ken felt compelled to improve the ventilation practices  and equipment for the plating and surface industry. Hankinson first used composite mesh pad technology to control chrome emissions at a small plating company in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1979, and in the 1990's KCH Spectra equipment became the first to achieve the EPA Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) on chrome emissions. This design basis is still used today and has proven KCH to be the leader in controlling chrome emissions.


KCH again set industry standards by developing the only United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) verified energy conservation and process control utilizing the Automated Covered Tank System for Energy Conservation (ACTSEC). KCH has now installed several of these systems, saving customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs each year and eliminating multiple tons of air pollution. 

KCH is a strong supporter of the NASF and knows the importance the NASF plays in the survival of the Metal Finishing Industry.  Ken has served as the Metal Finishing Suppliers Association (MFSA) trustee, MFSA Equipment Committee Chairman, and Association for Electroplaters and Surface Finishers (AESF) Air Committee member.  Recently, Ken was given the prestigious August P. Munning award and the NASF Fellow for his long time commitment and dedication to the NASF.


Kyle Hankinson

Kyle Hankinson has successfully sustained the culture of continuous improvement and innovation as a core strategy of KCH Engineered Systems. Kyle worked in installations and sales at KCH for a number of years, before making the decision to join the National Guard to become a Citizen Soldier and Aviator.  Upon graduating with Distinguished Honors at the U.S. Army Rotary Wing Flight School, he served as a Chief Warrant Officer and pilot in command of the Apache Longbow Helicopter, and was deployed to the Middle East in support of the Global War on Terrorism.  Kyle holds a Business Management degree from North Carolina State University, along with commercial and airline transport pilot ratings in helicopters and airplanes with the Federal Aviation Administration. He is a Certified Electroplater-Finisher (CEF) and is on the board of directors for the National Association for Surface Finishing and the American National Standards Institute Z9 Committee. 

The Team

KCH’s team of Sales, Engineering, Production, and Administration staff is what drives our company forward as an industry leader.  Much of our staff has decades of experience and technical knowledge as industry professionals.  KCH Team

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