Battery Formation And Recycling

Sulfuric Acid Mist EliminatorBattery Formation Processes emit very high concentrations of Sulfuric Acid, H2SO4. It all must be exhausted with a precisely designed Corrosion Resistant Exhaust System. This requires KCH Engineers to design an accurately sized and reinforced FM (Factory Mutual) Approved PVC Ductwork System, including all FM PVC Approved Ductwork, components and fittings, to exhaust and properly ventilate several individual battery charging formation table processing linesEach individual battery formation table should be equipped with corrosion resistant Exhaust Hoods. This exhaust equipment on each formation table is typically combined into a larger single system that is exhausted into a Spectra U Series Mist Eliminator and main Exhaust Fan to control sulfuric acid emissions to atmosphere.

Battery Recycling Processes will require a multistage approach to control emissions.  To control particulate along with lead and sulfuric acid emissions, KCH recommends combined technologies such as mist eliminators, wet cyclone eliminators, or venturi scrubbers.  

Please Contact KCH Engineered Systems for additional details for custom design of the Highest Efficiency Exhaust/Ventilation and Emission Control Technology for the battery formation or reclaimation processes.

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