Machine Coolant Mist and Particle Elimination

Metal machining centers generate friction and excessive heat during the metal removal process. Machine coolants must be used in order to provide constant lubrication and cooling of the part and chips removed during machining. Certain high speed machining processes can generate enough heat to cause an airborne mist and the production of a light smoke.

Machine Coolant Mist Ducting
Machine Coolant Mist Ducting

Athough most machine coolant products are not highly toxic, they can be an inhalation hazard to workers. It is recommended to ventilate the machining centers with Ducting and a Mist Eliminator. Ventilation system design is critical to ensure proper capture of the airborne coolant mists, vapors, and chips. Duct transport velocity design must factor in the potential fallout of the particles captured, in order to minimize buildup of chips in the main ducting system. Buildup of metal chips in the duct system could create a fire hazard for the facility.

KCH Factory Mutual Approved PVC FIRESIST Ducting is recommended in order to mitigate the potential spread of fire throughout the duct system and eliminate the potential need for fire sprinklers inside the ducting. The FIRESIST Duct System is completely leak proof due to hot gas welded connections. This ducting far outlasts typical spiral sheet metal ducting that often leaks after a short period of time. 

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