Food and Beverage Processing Odors

The food and beverage industry contains various processes that can emit odorous compounds. These compounds can create a public nuisance to neighboring residences or businesses. The old days of diluting the odor at the property line may no longer work due to urban sprawl or new regulations. It is in the best interest of the facility to place controls on these processes to eliminate the odor and reduce the chances of a nuisance lawsuit.

Common odors in the food and beverage processing industry:

Hydrogen Sulfide Methyl Mercaptans
Ammonia and Amines Volatile Fatty Acids

Facilities that may produce nuisance odors include:

Rendering or Meat Processing Facilities
Fish Processing
Poultry Processing
Hen Laying
Cooking Facilites (onion cooking, sausage smoking)
Onsite Wastewater Facilities

Based on the odor compound and removal efficiency desired, KCH can provide a complete Odor Control System capable of removing up to 99% or more of the nuisance odors. Chemical Scrubbers, Biotrickling Filters, or Carbon Adsorbers are the three main technologies KCH can apply to control the odors.

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