Landfill Leachate Odor Control

Landfill LeachateLeachate is the liquid that passes through a landfill collecting soluble and suspended materials along the way. Leachate is typically generated from atmospheric rain showers at the landfill site. The rain will percolate through a range of decomposing materials within the landfill and typically collect in wells located throughout the landfill. The leachate is often pumped from the wells to various holding tanks for processing or disposal.  It is important to collect and process the leachate to protect surrounding water sources and eliminate nuisance odors caused by the leachate.  KCH designs and manufactures leachate odor control systems from corrosion resistant materials such as PVC, FRP, and our latest Polystrong®

Some landfills are required to collect and pump leachate into large storage tanks for treatment.  KCH provides technology to control the odors from the leachate storage tanks. These techologies can include Condensate Mist Eliminators, Wet ScrubbersCarbon Adsorbers, and Thermal Oxidizers. 

Landfill LeachateSome landfills are experiencing subsurface smoldering events, or exothermic reactions that occur beneath the top layers from excessive decomposition of the trash. Leachate within these landfills is typically more toxic as it collects more hazardous substances from the heat reaction. This leachate becomes more corrosive to typical materials of construction as it's temperature is elevated and pH is lowered. This elevated temperature leachate is also more malodorous as the vapor pressure of multiple compounds is allowing odors to be released from the liquid phase to the vapor phase.  In this case, a leachate treatment system may be required in conjunction with a leachate odor abatement system.  



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