Conversion Coating

Conversion coatings are popular in the metal finishing industry and very much a part of our everyday lives. These coatings provide some level of corrosion protection to a metal surface. They can also improve the appearance or provide a more suitable surface for additional coatings.

Perhaps the most popular of conversion coatings is gun bluing. This oxidation process involves a 700 degree Fahrenheit atmosphere and oil. This process provides corrosion protection and a slight amount of wear resistance. 

Other conversion coatings include black oxide, various phosphate coatings, chromate coatings, and last but not least, anodizing. These processes are very popular throughout the metal finishing industry today. 

All sorts of industries utilize these coatings, from automotive to architectural to sporting goods, just to name a few. Many of the items we touch in our daily lives have undergone some sort of conversion coating. 

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