KCH custom designs, manufactures, and provides complete equipment packages for Electropolishing. KCH will provide the complete systems including all of the ancillary components to enable you to begin electropolishing immediately after systems installation and startup.

To ensure that your exact requirements are met, KCH will provide custom designed Electropolishing equipment. KCH has over 35 years of experience, and expertise to provide 100% of the Electropolishing Process equipment, including the KCH Electropolish Exhaust and Emission Control System, which is designed in accordance to the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). KCH and our partners will teach and instruct you on the Electropolishing process and recommend the chemistries most suited to your metallurgical and geometric requirements.

Electropolishing produces the best finishes on 304, and 316 Series Stainless Steel. When done correctly the resulting finish has a bright mirror like finish to it, and is similar to the finishes of decorative chromium. On other alloys, the final finish of the parts may not be as shiny or decorative.

EElectropolishinglectropolish solutions are typically comprised of a mixture of sulfuric and phosphoric acids. Different solutions are available to Electropolish other metals. Generally only the 200 and 300 series stainless steels and other high alloy metals can be electropolished to mirror finishes. The main effects on low alloy types of metal are primarily enhancement of the surface finish and a better deposition of a plated coating.

Properly designed Exhaust Equipment and  Emission Control Equipment are also required and extremely important to Electropolish professionally. These are acids that must be utilized safely in your manufacturing facility with the correct exhaust control velocities inside your building. This provides for employee protection and ensures compliance with the Permissible Exposure Limit set forth by OSHA. The acid emissions to the outside atmosphere must and will be controlled to ensure compliance with the Federal and State Air Quality Management Districts.

The good news is that KCH  will not only supply the Electropolishing Process Equipment, KCH will also Custom Design your Exhaust Systems and High Efficiency Emission Control Technologies as well. KCH will ensure your compliance with OSHA and the ACGIH with our specifically designed Exhaust Systems, and ensure your compliance with the Federal and State Air Quality Management Districts with our custom designed Scrubber or Mist Eliminator Systems.

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