Pickle Tank hoods on Galvanziing Line
30' long Pickle Tank Hoods on Galvanizing Line

Galvanization, or Galvanizing is a common process where a protective layer of Zinc is applied to a bare metal to prevent corrosion. The corrosion is typically caused by environmental factors such as weather and humidity. The most common galvanizing technique is hot dip galvanizing where the part is run through a series cleaning tanks consisting of alkaline cleaners (ex. sodium hydroxide) and acid baths (ex. hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid) to remove any scaling or foreign contaminates. It is then dipped into a large vat, often times called a kettle, which contains molten zinc with temperatures reaching upwards of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The part is then removed from the kettle after a set time period and any excess zinc or drippings are removed by a grinder. Common examples can range from light poles to highway safety guardrails to nails.

The pretreatment chemistries can be captured and controlled through a Wet Scrubber such as a Hedron, Phaser or Omni. 

KCH Designs and Builds Polypropylene Tanks and Automated Smart Tank Covers for the Pretreatment Steps in the line to integrate with the Wet Scrubber System.  

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