Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities and headquarters are located in Forest City, North Carolina. The site consists of three buildings: Thermoplastics Fabrication, Metal Fabrication, and Coatings. Each provides us with a unique capability to control quality within the manufacturing process.

Thermoplastics Fabrication Facility

Butt Welder For Plastic Welding
Butt Welder for Plastic Welding

The Thermoplastics Fabrication Facility houses a full array of fabrication equipment, including a state of the art 3-axis computer numerical control (CNC) multi-tool routing system, automated butt fusion welding, water jet cutting technology, forming, and computer controlled extrusion equipment. Our welds are in accordance to the International Plastic Bonding and Welding Guidelines of the German Welding Society (DVS) and adopted by the American Welding Society (AWS). This facility also manufactures Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) rated fans fabricated, dynamically balanced, and tested using Variable Frequency Drives and accelerometers for vibration analysis. Our Thermoplastics facility is frequently audited by organizations such as FM Approvals and NSF to ensure compliance with manufacturing and quality standards.

KCH's numerous lines of thermoplastic products (PVC, PP, PVDF, FRP) are fabricated here, along with our POLYSTRONG® and POLYLAST® Materials.

Metal Fabrication Facility

The Metal Fabrication Facility features an automated CNC water jet cutting system, metal brakes, shears, roll forming, and bending equipment to provide precision fabricated metal and aluminum frames and structures. A dedicated machine shop located within the same building houses automatic CNC multi-axis machining, CNC lathes, drill presses, and systems to provide precision machined components for the line of vertical centrifugal pumps that KCH manufactures in-house.

CNC Router Cutting HDPE

The state-of-the-art facility contains some of the most advanced technologies used in the air and water pollution control industry. The water jet cutting machine is used to cut hard materials, such as 300 Series Stainless Steel, through a mixture of water and an abrasive substance, applied at high pressures up to 50,000 PSI.

Fan Fabrication and Coatings Facility

Our AMCA Certified Centrifugal Fans and Blowers are precisely assembled in this facility.  The Coatings section features a large scale batch powder coating system to include phosphate pretreatment, quick change Wagner Electrostatic Powder Application System, HEPA filtration spray booth, and a walk in quick heat 1.5 million BTU thermal curing oven. It is capable of handling parts and equipment up to 10-feet wide by 10-feet tall by 20-feet long.

Our Fleet

KCH maintains a fleet of trucks for transportation and installation of various pollution-control systems. On any given day, KCH technicians can be found throughout in the United States.

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