The Automotive Industry utilizes many processes that emit hazardous airborne pollutants, particles, vapors, and mists. These emissions can evolve in the form of acid vapors, chemical mists, fumes, or oil smoke.

Automotive IndustryKCH designs and manufactures localized exhaust ventilation systems to capture and control these contaminants in order to keep workers and their surrounding communities’ safe, as well as prolong the life of valuable business production assets. KCH also has decades of experience in providing solutions to comply with federal, state, and local laws.

Common surface finishing processes within the Automotive Manufacturing Industry that involve airborne vapors, mists, and particles:

Nickel-Chrome Plating
Chrome Plating (Hard and Decorative)
Alkaline Electro-cleaning
Acid and Alkaline Zinc Nickel Plating
Copper & Silver Plating
Plating on Plastics
Phosphate Coating
VOCs from Painting

Aside from the Automotive Surface Finishing processes, KCH also provides lubricant mist elimination systems for diecasting operations and machine coolant mist extraction systems for CNC centers. 

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