Biotrickling Filter Systems

Also known as Biotowers, Biotricklers, Bioscrubbing Systems, Bioscrubbers, and Biological Oxidation Systems

KCH designs and manufactures a Biotrickling Filter System to remove high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas and other odors from municipal and industrial processes. Our Biotrickling Filter Systems will effectively remove 99% of H2S without the use of dangerous chemicals. Instead of chemicals, a simple non-proprietary nutrient is used to promote biological growth on a synthetic media.

The standard KCH Biotrickling Filter System incorporates an integral sump box and pump circulation system built into the vessel. KCH Biotricklers can also be designed for a rectangular low-profile configuration, utilizing a structured high-density media.

These systems are constructed of POLYLAST®or POLYSTRONG® material, providing the structural integrity, UV protection, and corrosion resistance required for outdoor installations.

The Biotrickling Filter System can include additional components needed to provide a complete functioning system, such as:

Non-Proprietary Nutrient Systems
Different Vessel and Media Configurations Based on Application
Integral Mist Eliminator
Recirculation Pump
Direct Drive Fans
pH meter
Integral Sump or Remote Tank for Nutrient Storage
OSHA Approved Ladders or Platforms


Low Operating Cost
Inorganic Media Guaranteed for 10 Years
99% H2S Removal Efficiency
POLYLAST® or POLYSTRONG® Vessel Material
Maximum Resistance to UV Exposure
Exceptional Structural Integrity
Low Maintenance
Low Empty Bed Retention Time
Low Water Usage
Non-Proprietary Nutrient System
No On-Site Storage of Dangerous Chemicals
Can be used as a first stage unit to extend the life of Carbon units


Municipal Waste Treatment Plants
Pump Stations
High Level H₂S Applications
Degasifier or Aerator Off-Gas Odor Control

How it Works

Biotrickling Filter
Biotrickling Filter

Biotrickling Filters use a synthetic media to support the growth of natural occurring micro-organisms to convert H2S into a dilute acid solution, part of which is discharged via a continuous water make-up or overflow. The Biotrickling Filter uses continues recirculation of a nutrient-rich solution to promote the biological growth. KCH offers a non-proprietary nutrient supplement to feed the micro-organisms and water to maintain the optimum pH.

If multiple odor compounds need to be removed, Biotrickling Filters can be combined with other KCH technologies, such as Carbon Adsorbers, to create a multi-stage solution for Odor Control.

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