Carbon Adsorption Systems

Also known as Dry Scrubbers, Carbon Adsorbers, or Physical Adsorption Systems

Deep Bed Carbon Adsorber with Fan

KCH designs and manufacturers a Carbon Adsorption System which is one of the most effective in removing total odors and VOCs from municipal and industrial processes. Designed for continuous use and built to withstand the elements, our Activated Carbon, Zeolite, or Activated Alumina-based Adsorption Systems can be used exclusively or in conjunction with other Air Pollution Control Technologies, such as Wet Chemical Scrubbers or Biotrickling Filters. Where certain applications require adsorption in combination with chemisorption, KCH offers a chemical impregnated adsorption media to achieve ultimate performance.

The standard KCH Carbon Adsorption System is comprised of a vertical, cylindrical vessel with a domed or conical top. They are constructed in our facility from POLYLAST®, POLYSTRONG®, or other corrosion-resistant materials. KCH Vessels feature exceptional corrosion resistance and UV resistance, making them ideal for long-term intended service life and outdoor installations as required.  KCH also provides dual bed carbon adsorbers and radial flow carbon adsorbers. 


Low capital cost
Low maintenance cost
No on-site chemical storage required
100% corrosion-resistant construction
Wide range of medias available for H2S, VOC, odor, and hazardous air pollutant adsorption


Typically lower (ppm) levels of contaminates
Pump/lift stations
Landfill Leachate Odor Control
Polishing stage after Wet Scrubber or Biotrickling Filter
Emergency gas release
Corrosion testing labs

The KCH Carbon Adsorption System can be fitted the following optional media and components:

Grease Filters for Pre-control Activated Carbon Media
Blended Carbon Media Catalytic Carbon Media
Chemical Impregnated Media Activated Alumina Media
Zeolite Based Media Fan and Motor Assembly
Interconnecting Ducting Piping Platforms or Ladders
Differential Pressure Indication Grounding Rods
UL Control Panels Media Sample Probes
Media Bed Removal Nets Water Washing Headers
Dampers Single Bed, Multi Bed, or Radial Bed Vessels

How it Works


Carbon adsorbers use a dry media to capture odor or VOC’s from an airstream through physical adsorption of the contaminant by a highly porous media. Typically a three foot deep media bed is supported above the air inlet. Air travels vertically through the media and exhaust out the top. The media comes in powdered, granular, extruded, and pelletized form and can be made from coal, coconut shells, zeolite, or other porous material. It can be impregnated with chemicals to increase its adsorption qualities.

KCH offers Single Bed Carbon Adsorbers, Dual Bed Carbon Adsorbers, or Radial Flow Carbon Adsorbers in standard sizes.  Radial type carbon adsorbers can maximize airflow volume in a much smaller foot print.  

Please contact a KCH Representative for your specific application.

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