Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

NH-Series (High Volume, Low Pressure)

The KCH AMCA Rated NH-Series Centrifugal Type Blower includes many features that result in effective corrosion resistance, high volumes up to 70,000 CFM, reduced horse power requirements, and low sound levels. These include:

A backwardly inclined, FRP coated, steel NH fan wheel which is spark tested for integrity. Optional Solid FRP, Stainless Steel, or Hastelloy Wheels are also available
An inlet cone that is heat formed for smooth air flow into the wheel
An "A" type frame that is manufactured from heavy gauge steel and powder coated for corrosion resistance

NH Centrifugal Belt Drive Fans
NH Centrifugal Belt Drive Fans

In addition, each Fan is supplied with belt drive, TEFC motor, drain, shaft seal, outlet flange, and OSHA approved belt and shaft guards. The inlet is complete with either a flanged or flexible connector. The NH Fan provides a stable efficiency through a broad range of operation, resulting in lower operating costs to the customer throughout the life of the equipment.

The NH-Series Fans, with their stable and efficient performance, are also quiet in operation. In fact, quietness is one of the principal features of the NH design. It should be emphasized that maximum quietness in actual operation depends on not only the choice of the Fan itself, but also the system of which the Fan is a part. Poorly designed Ductwork that is too lightly constructed, has abrupt turns, improper fan foundations, lack of proper isolation between fan and ducts, or poor acoustical conditions, adversely affect the sound level of the installation.

CI-Series (Low Volume, Medium Pressure)

Centrifugal Fan
CI Series Push Air Blower

The KCH AMCA Rated CI-Series is suitable for continuous operation from 200 to 4200 CFM at up to 18 inches of static pressure. Each Blower is equipped with an FRP coated paddle wheel type impeller which is spark tested for integrity. The housing material can be PVC, polypropylene, Polystrong, Polylast, or stainless steel. The frame is powder coated heavy duty steel.

CI-Series Fans are often used as Push Air Blowers to assist in the Exhaust Hood capture of fumes.

Fans are equipped with:

Belt drive TEFC motor
Drain Inlet cone
OSHA approved belt guards OSHA approved shaft guards

Direct-Drive Arrangements

DIrect Drive NH Fan with Shield
DIrect-Drive NH Fan with Shield

Direct-drive Industrial Exhaust Fans and Blowers for industrial fume exhaust stream applications eliminate belts and pulleys, offering superior ease of use at reduced operational costs. Since they do not require belts or pulleys to operate, Direct-drive Fans and Exhaust Blowers circulate polluted airstreams with reduced maintenance costs.

They are designed to be controlled by variable frequency drives (VFDs) which allow operators to adjust rpm and air flow through the system.

Fume Exhaust Fans and Blowers with direct-drive configuration also provide the advantages of significantly reduced vibration and noise compared to traditional, belt-driven fans. They are made to operate in conjunction with KCH Corrosion-resistant Ductwork, Wet Scrubbers, and Mist Eliminators, all of which are designed and manufactured in KCH’s North Carolina headquarters.

Direct-Drive Exhaust Fan Advantages

POLYSTRONG®, POLYLAST®, PVC, FRP, or polypropylene construction
Excellent performance
No belts to maintain or replace
No pulley costs
Extended bearing life
Extended motor life
Quieter, less vibration in operation
VFD Advantages
Adjustable Air Flow Control

InLine Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

NH Centrifugal Belt Drive Fans
InLine Centrifugal Fan

The KCH Inline Series Exhaust Blower is completely weatherproof and fully corrosion resistant. This tubular Centrifugal Inline Blower offers straight airflow design for duct installations requiring minimal space, low noise characteristics, and high efficiency.

These Blowers can be fabricated from a wide variety of materials such as:

Polypropylene Stainless Steel
Epoxy coated carbon steel  

Each unit is complete with TEFC motor with cover, formed inlet cone, backward inclined wheel, and V-belt drive.

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