Chemical Scrubbers

Also known as Wet Scrubbers, Fume Scrubbers or Gas Scrubbers

Cross Flow Scrubber with Fan and Common Base
Cross Flow Scrubber with Fan and Common Base

KCH designs, manufactures, and installs a variety of corrosion resistant scrubber systems for many applications requiring control of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) or control of noxious odors. Our scrubbers are available in corrosion resistant materials such as PVC, FRP, Polypropylene, POLYSTRONG®, POLYLAST®, and SS.

Sizes from 100 CFM to 80,000 CFM in one vessel.

KCH Wet Scrubbers are available in three different configurations:

Counter-current Vertical Flow (Phaser or Omni Series)
Cross-current Horizontal Flow (Hedron Series)
Bidirectional Flow (Low-Key Series)

Vertical Scrubbers/ Counter-flow / Counter-current


Vertical Counter-current Scrubbers typically provide the most efficient removal of soluble acid gases. Counter-current refers to the direction of the contaminated airstream in relation to the fluid that scrubs it.

KCH offers the following standardized line of counter-current scrubbers:

Phaser Series Scrubbers – Standard sizes in 100 to 24,000 CFM. Optional high velocity sizes up to 80,000 CFM. Equipped with self contained or remotely installed recirculation system. Optional inlet and outlet orientations.
Phaser III Series
Phaser V Series
Omni Series Scrubbers – Integral Fan Mounted on Top of Unit. Standard sizes in 100 to 12,000 CFM. Ultimate space saver. Equipped with self contained or remotely installed recirculation system.
Omni III Series
Omni V Series

Horizontal Scrubbers / Cross-flow / Cross-current

Horizontal Cross-flow scrubbers are commonly used in the surface finishing industry where space is limited and inlet loadings are relatively low. The rooftop is an ideal spot for these compact scrubbers if headroom is insufficient.

KCH offers the following standardized line of Horizontal Cross-flow scrubbers:

Hedron Horizontal Flow Fume Scrubber - Standard sizes from 500 to 30,000 CFM. Optional Sizes up to 70,000 CFM. Equipped with self contained or remotely installed recirculation systems.
Hedron HV Horizontal Flow Fume Scrubber - Standard sizes from 500 to 70,000 CFM. Equipped with self contained or remotely installed recirculation systems. This unit provides excellent scrubbing efficiency at a high velocity and flow rate. Smaller footprint. Best suited for lower inlet loadings.

Bidirectional Flow Scrubbers

Bidirectional flow scrubbers utilize multiple stages of concurrent and counter-current flow in one unit to scrub a variety of noxious gases and odors. They are commonly recommended when multiple compounds need to be removed from one airstream.  

Standard Features of KCH Chemical Scrubbers:

Chemical Resistant Vertical Centrifugal Pump
Full cone non-clogging nozzles
Removable spray headers
Schedule 80 PVC or CPVC plumbing and valves
Chevron Baffle Mist Eliminators
Packing support plates
Rugged corrosion resistant steel base, phosphate sealed, and powder coated
Clear access doors for inspection
Strategically designed components help to make our units low-maintenance
All stainless steel hardware
Self contained or remote recirculation tanks

Optional Features of KCH Chemical Scrubbers:

pH Probe and Analyzer
Chemical Metering Pumps for pH Control
Sump Heaters
Differential Pressure Indication
Inlet/Outlet Transitions
Redundant Pump
Fresh Water Flow Meters
Liquid Level Control
Recirculation Liquid Flow Indicators
Motor Control and Alarm Panels

Common Hazardous Emissions or Odors Suitable for Wet Scrubber Equipment:

Nitric Acid NOx
Hydrochloric Acid Hydrofluoric Acid
Sulfuric Acid Phosphoric Acid
Ammonia Hydrogen Sulfide
Mercaptans, Reduced Sulfur Compounds Nitrogen Oxides
Chlorine Formaldehyde
Cyanide Bromine
Hydrogen Bromide Caustic Solutions

How a Chemical Scrubber works:

An Exhaust Fan forces or induces the polluted gas stream through Corrosion Resistant Ductwork and into the Wet Scrubber vessel, where it encounters liquid to gas contact from the scrubbing solution and packing media with high surface area. The polluted gas stream is chemically absorbed into the liquid scrubbing solution through mass transfer. The clean air stream then passes through a Mist Eliminator, which separates entrained mist droplets from the air stream through inertial impaction and mechanical impingement. The clean airstream is then exhausted to atmosphere. Some gases, such as HCL, can form an aerosol or "acid fog" inside the Wet Scrubber vessel as it cools. To mitigate this problem, a high efficiency Composite Mesh Pad Mist Eliminator is incorporated into the design.

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