Control Panels

Control PanelsFor the past 40 years demand has been increasing for energy-efficient and highly optimized control equipment for Air Pollution Control Systems. KCH provides cutting-edge control panels, capable of completely automating a Process Line, Odor Control System, or Air Pollution Control System.


KCH Control Panels can be equipped to include the following functions:

pH and Conductivity monitoring and control
Liquid Level Monitoring and Control
Makeup water & recirculation flow analyzers
Static pressure monitoring
Chemical addition metering systems
Alarm functions
Integration with mechanical covers and dampers
Color Human Machine Interface (HMI) touchscreens and PLCs

UL Certification

White Control Panel
White Control Panel

KCH can provide UL Certified Control Panels for general use industrial control panels. UL certification signifies that the product has met, and in most cases exceeded, the criteria for National Electrical Code (NEC) section 409.110. It has been approved to function safely within the parameters of the voltage, current, and short-circuit current ratings.  The quality of your control system can be just as important as the emission control equipment itself. This is why KCH often reccomends UL Certified Control Panels as the standard. Our Control Panels provide a high-efficiency solution that not only helps the environment but also reduces overall energy usage in your operation. KCH offers digital and analog control packages complete with PLCs, allowing tuning parameters to be optimized and ensuring your system operates with the precision needed to meet stringent emission-efficiency requirements.

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