Factory Mutual Approved Ducting

Prior to the availability of KCH's PVC ducting, a company purchasing fire insurance requiring Factory Mutual (FM) ratings had little choice in the material of construction for Pollution Control, Fume Exhaust Ducting. To meet the requirements of insurance companies, most companies had to purchase Fiberglass Ducts with extensive internal water sprinkler systems.

Factory Mutual Approved PVC
Factory Mutual Approved PVC

When KCH introduced PVC duct, the insurance companies had no test results to reference as proof of the self-extinguishing properties of PVC. KCH successfully performed the needed tests; the results showed that KCH's un-plasticized PVC ducting does not burn readily. It also softens, melts, and collapses in on itself under the heat of fire, eliminating the oxygen source and stifling the flame. In contrast, fiberglass ducting tends to maintain its shape, potentially spreading the flame through the ducting system and the facility.

FM Approved
Firesist Ductwork

As a result of these tests, KCH obtained FM approval on their PVC ductwork and negated the need for fire sprinklers in their duct.

KCH model Firesist™ FM Approved PVC ductwork satisfy requirements for fire insurance policies that demand FM endorsement and have the following result per the ASTM E 84 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics:   Flame Spread = 15

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