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PVC Exhaust Hoods
PVC Fume Hoods

Fume Hoods serve a wide variety of industrial processes where toxic contaminants are present. They serve to capture fumes and route them into a ducting system where they can be removed from human and environmental contact.


All KCH fume hoods are designed in accordance with American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) standards.
Fume hoods are chemical resistant and do not degrade as a result of the gases, vapors, or particulates the hoods capture.
KCH custom-builds fume hoods in a wide assortment of configurations whether canopy style, side lateral, downdraft, or upright.
KCH designs and builds exhaust hoods from the following materials:
Type I or Type II, Grade 1 Gray PVC CPVC
Polypropylene FRP
Dual Laminate Solid Fiberglass

How they work:

All KCH hoods are designed to induce maximum airflow from the working environment that captures noxious vapor into a ventilation system as efficiently as possible.

KCH manufactures both enclosing hoods and exterior hoods. Enclosing hoods partially or totally enclose the contaminant at its source. Enclosing hoods, such as canopy hoods or laboratory enclosures, are especially necessary for emissions that involve hot air or large particulates that are being emitted vertically at high velocities. Exterior hoods operate beside a fume emission source but do not enclose it. The exterior hood collects contaminated air through induced flow from an exhaust fan, or combined with a jet of air that pushes the contaminant into the hood.

Hood Types

BU Hood and Tank

Hood Type: BU

Application: Updraft profile style hood typically 36" tall, mounted on the back of a tank and used when fuming is not excessive. Can be combined with push air system.

BSL Hood Tank

Hood Type: BSL

Application: Low Profile single hood exhausting on one side of tank with the outlet on the end.

Hood Type: BSL-D  (not depicted)

Application: Low Profile single hood exhausting between 2 tanks with 2 inlet slots and 1 outlet on the end.

BSL Hood Tank

Hood Type: BB or BD

Application: Updraft profile style hood typically 12" tall and used when fuming is not excessive.

B2L Exhaust Hood Tank

Hood Type: B2L-B2LD-B4L

Application: Low profile, single or double hood with common plenum typically on 2 or 3 sides. Typically used when overhead clearance is a problem.

Hood Specifications

Hood lengths can vary from as little as 12 inches to over 100 feet long. The basic hood shape is fabricated of 0.1875" (3/16) thick PVC and hot welded. For additional strength and reliability, joints are welded both inside and outside wherever possible, and corners along the length of the hood are heat formed.

Slot dividers on vertical type hoods are internally reinforced using 0.25" (1.4) thick PVC sheet, angle spaced not greater than 12" and all lip type hoods have top and bottom slot section reinforced with 0.25" (1/4) PVC. To prevent warping, additional internal reinforcing is used as required to strengthen the hood at critical points

Hood Features

All KCH hoods are available with many features such as drip lips, drains at low point, internal reinforcing, adjustable slots, and flexible outlet connections. Additional optional features for exhaust hoods are "swing type" hoods, pre-control mesh pads with wash-down spray headers, and magnehelic pressure gauges.

Additionally, all KCH hoods are equipped with a means of preventing liquid from accumulating in the bottom. Hoods having a plenum lower than the lowest slot have a drain crease in the bottom with a 1" threaded coupling.

We can provide the type of exhaust hood required for your particular application whether it be an updraft style hood with multiple slots or a low profile, lip style exhaust hood which typically runs the counter direction of travel on most process lines.

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