Mist Eliminators

Also known as Demisters or Entrainment Separators

Mist Eliminators are designed to remove contaminants from process air emissions that evolve as mist droplets. These contaminants can include oil mist, machine coolant mist, chromic acid mist, sulfuric acid mist, and other entrained mist. KCH Mist Eliminators are among the most efficient on the market and meet or exceed state and federal standards.


KCH Mist Eliminators are made with corrosion-resistant materials such as PVC, polypropylene, and stainless steel.
Available in both vertical and horizontal configuration.
Custom-designed and fabricated in KCH’s N.C. headquarters to meet nearly any size and shape requirement.
KCH offers self-cleaning Mist Eliminators which all but eliminate the need for mesh pad removal and replacement. These models eliminate costly downtime and lost production due to system shut down.


Used to abate the emissions from industrial chemical processes and meet industrial air pollution regulations, such as the U.S. EPA Chromium MACT Standard.
Typically used to remove contaminates such as chromic acid mists, alkaline mists, electrolytic nickel mists, sulfuric acid mists, phosphoric mists, chromic anodizing, sulfuric acid from battery charging operations, alkaline cleaning, and many more.

How it Works:

Since the late 1940s, Mist Eliminators and Demisters have been used to filter & collect fine mist droplets of process gas streams.

Mist Eliminators work by utilizing composite mesh or vane plate surfaces to separate the mist droplets from gas streams through mechanical impingement and inertial impaction. The large surface area coupled with a small volume allows for the collection of liquid without substantially impeding the flow of gas. Some Composite Mesh Pad Mist Eliminators can also be used as a post-control acid fog eliminator on Wet Scrubbers.

KCH Mist Eliminators include:

Vertical Mist Eliminators Horizontal Mist Eliminators
Chrome Mist Eliminators Parallel Blade Mist Eliminators
Inline Mist Eliminators Portable Oil Mist Eliminators
Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators Moisture Extractors

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