Chrome Mist Eliminators - Spectra U Series

Also known as Composite Mesh Mist Eliminators or Chrome Scrubbers

KCH Spectra U Series Chrome Mist Eliminators are commonly used in hard chrome plating and chromic anodizing processes.

Chrome Mist EliminatorSince the U.S. EPA introduction of the chromium electroplating MACT standard back in the mid 90s, KCH has led the way in the development and manufacture of the most effective and efficient chromic acid mist eliminators in the industry. A properly designed Chromic Acid Mist Eliminator System takes into account all of the variables present in a specific application. The feasibility of tank covers, point of use capture, recovery and return to Process Tanks, integrity of duct system via inclusion of pre-control devices, and many other factors are considered in the design process of all KCH Chrome Mist Eliminators.

HEPA FilterThe KCH Spectra U Series Mist Eliminator with HEPA/ULPA Filtration meets the latest Federal EPA emission limitations for hexavalent chrome of 0.006 mg/dcsm. This limit is applicable to Decorative Chrome Plating, Hard Chrome Plating, and Chromic Acid Anodizing Processes. Some facilities can comply with the rule by maintaining surface tension levels below 33 dynes with Non-PFOS Based Fume Suppressants. Non-PFOS Based Fume Suppressants are new to the market, expensive, and not approved for use in certain aerospace and defense specified processes, as there has not been sufficient testing for approval.  The Spectra system eliminates the need for PFOS or Non-PFOS fume suppressants, reducing costly chemical consumption and OEM process change approvals. Compliance is met through efficient capture of chromium mists from the Process Tanks and ultra-high efficiency removal in the Spectra U Mist Eliminator.  

KCH Spectra systems include the following standard items:

Cleanable composite mesh pads 
Removable spray headers designed for reduced water consumption 
Fiberglass overlaid PVC lower sections for double protection against leaks
Clear access doors for inspection

As the air stream weaves its way through the layers, the liquid impinges upon the strands. The greatest success with these devices utilizes multiple stages with the first stage or two removing the largest liquid droplets. A coalescent stage is provided when the outlet emission requirement is especially stringent. The best performing composite mesh pad mist eliminators in use today utilize multiple stages, with the first stage being located at point of source of the entrained particulate. The remaining particulate is then removed downstream in the final stages. Orientation of the mesh material is important due to the varying degrees of the pad's ability to handle liquid. The density of the pad material may cause flooding thru the pad.

Spectra U-II-10,000 with HEPA FilterProper engineering techniques are vital to the success of these units. The vessels used would have spray header systems and automated wash down cycles to recover the liquids being captured and at the same time to keep the mesh pads from fouling.

KCH’s Spectra U Series’ innovative "self cleaning" design eliminates costly downtime and lost production due to system shut down. Spectra U are considered the most effective and efficient chrome emission control unit available to chrome platers.

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