Horizontal Mist Eliminators

Horizontal Mist EliminatorOur horizontal flow mesh pad eliminator is a multi-stage control system. These units utilize various mesh sizes and are specifically designed to entrap entrained droplets of corrosive chemicals that may be carried in the air stream. Each unit is equipped with an automatic spray header for periodic wash down and self cleaning capability. Mesh pad encasements are removable.

KCH’s Spectra series Horizontal Mist Eliminators are specifically designed for the process they are servicing. This type of mist eliminator system is commonly used in the hard chrome plating, chromic anodizing, electroless nickel plating, and battery manufacturing processes.  

The KCH Spectra U Series chemical mist eliminators can be designed to remove greater than 99.99% of mists down to 1 micron-sized droplets. The forward stages are equipped with wash down chambers for periodic cleaning. Each Spectra is designed for specific conditions and can reach ultra high efficiencies.  They are often coupled with an optional HEPA or ULPA filtration chamber.

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