Dual Laminate Tanks

Certain chemical processes call for the chemical resistance of PVC or CPVC material, but also require the structural rigidity of fiberglass. Properly designed Dual Laminate Tanks will accomplish both, resulting in a long lasting, durable Tank. This durability is achieved when the internal liner is thermoformed and welded, and then fiberglass is chemically or mechanically bonded to it.

In a dual laminate structure, the thermoplastic internal liner generally expands and contracts at a higher rate than the fiberglass reinforcement. For this reason, careful attention must be given to both the liner thickness and the bond strength between the liner and the reinforcement.

Liner Thickness

The thickness of the liner must not exceed about 3/16"
Greater thickness of the liner can create high stress between the liner and the reinforcement

Bond Strength

The strength of the bond between the liner and reinforcement is also of critical importance
Expected changes in temperature need to be accounted for when determining the required bond
Chemical bonding to CPVC and PVC should be regularly checked during fabrication

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