Smart Tank Covers

Polypropylene Tanks and  Stainless Steel Covers
Polypropylene Process Tanks with Smart Tank Covers

KCH designs, fabricates, and installs custom mechanical tank covers for metal finishing process tanks.  

Smart Tank Covers are designed to be integrated with a local exhaust ventilation system to drastically reduce fugitive emissions and provide energy savings. KCH Exhaust Fans can ramp up or down, based on the open/closed position of the cover. Utilization of KCH Smart Tank Covers allow Exhaust Fans to operate at a low energy state, thus providing significant energy savings in electrical power.  Smart Tank Cover integration on multiple tanks accessed by a single hoist will allow for a smaller sized ventilation system, saving equipment costs.

The KCH Smart Tank Covers can be retrofitted onto existing Open Surface Tanks as well.

Types of Process Tank Covers:

French Door Type Covers
French Door Polypropylene Automatic Process Tank

Bifold Type Covers
Bi Fold Stainless Steel Cover

Process Tank Cover

Tank Cover Material Options:

Polypropylene PVC
Stainless Steel  

Smart Tank CoversKCH partnered with the EPA and a third party technology verification company to assist in identifying and verifying energy conservation and pollution prevention technologies in the metal finishing industry. The result of this partnership is data, tested by KCH and verified by the EPA, highlighting the validity and effectiveness of KCH's Automated Covered Tank System for Energy Conservation (ACTSEC) technology. KCH's Smart Tank Cover technology is designed and proven to provide an efficient removal of air contaminants from the work place at reasonable cost and at a level that lowers overall power consumption and exhaust volume to air pollution control devices. Click here to review the full report, or Contact us for more information.

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