Plastic Fabrication

KCH is the expert in Thermoplastic Fabrication. Utilizing the latest technology in bending, butt welding, extrusion welding, hot-gas welding, computer numerical control (CNC) routing, and water-jet cutting machines, we can build custom fabricated thermoplastic equipment to customer specifications. KCH can bend up to 2" thickness thermoplastics and machine up to 6" thickness thermoplastic parts. KCH also has a large walk-in oven for heat stressing of thermoplastic sheeting for radius applications.

CNC Router for Machining HDPE Parts

Custom Fabricated Thermoplastic Equipment:

Workbenches Lab Hoods
Wet Benches Process Tanks
Chemical Mixing Tanks Clear Machine Guards
Drip Shields Containment Pans

Custom Fabrication Materials:

Polypropylene PVC
CPVC Teflon® - PTFE
Fiberglass Kynar® - PVDF
Lexan® - Polycarbonate Acrylic

KCH also houses a complete metal fabrication and machining facility to provide custom fabricated components from the following materials:

Mild Steel Stainless Steel 304 or 316
Aluminum Hastelloy® - High Nickel Alloy

To learn more about the manufacturing facilities KCH offers, visit our Facilities Section

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