Engineering Design / R&D

From Preliminary Engineering to Complete Design

Engineering DesignSystem design requires an in-depth understanding of the countless variables and restrictions that are in place for the eventual fabrication, installation, and implementation of the system as a whole.  

All of our designs take into account the cost of construction, installation, and operational stages of your project. We utilize the concept of value engineering to help maximize efficiency while minimizing the overall cost of your system.  

KCH Engineers utilize Project Management Software to track individual process within system design to ensure completion of design. We can even give clients individual log-in access to track the sub-design components of the complete project.  

The KCH Design Process

Every KCH project Includes a kick-off meeting between engineering, production, and sales. There we determine an engineering schedule, production schedule, and a targeted completion date. Project Managers are also assigned to each job for accountability.  

Engineering DesignThe KCH engineering team includes Chemical and Mechanical Engineers, along with AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS design engineers. Our KCH engineering team also include at least one individual qualified as a Certified Electroplater-Finisher (CEF). This certification course is taught through the National Association for Surface Finishing, and includes 22 different focus areas on a variety of surface finishing processes. Each design is carefully thought out and reviewed prior to fabrication so that the finished product is sure to meet the criteria of your particular process.

Our talented staff can create designs to suit nearly any industry or facility needs. When designing a custom product or part, KCH takes into account customer specifications, necessary materials, and the ultimate function of the product.

KCH uses the latest versions of AutoCAD and Solid Works for our system layout design, fabrication drawings, P&IDs, and customer drawing approvals.  

The KCH team references design standards such as the ASSE / ANSI Z9.1 Standard for Ventilation and Control of Airborne Contaminants During Open-Surface Tank Operations.  

We also design in accordance with the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygenists (ACGIH)

KCH also has extensive experience in assisting customers with R&D projects. We have designed and tested pilot scale APC scrubbing systems, as well as metal finishing pilot scale systems for research and development.  

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