Preventative Maintenance

Whether you have ten systems with multiple pieces of equipment or a single system with just a Hood and a Fan, KCH can design a Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA) to fit your requirements and budget. Service visit intervals can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, semi‑annually, or annually with visit lengths from two hours to several days. Every system is different, so KCH will help you choose a maintenance plan that fits your needs. PMA customers receive a 10% discount on replacement parts.

Maintenance checklists

Preventative MaintenanceIn addition to benefitting your system, investing in a PMA also demonstrates to state and local air quality management districts that your equipment is functioning properly and is in compliance at all times. To this end, KCH's experienced maintenance technicians provide detailed reports after each inspection to show baseline parameters and system performance-ensuring that you are in compliance. These reports can be used to forecast potential equipment problems and assist in complying to work practice standards.

Preventative maintenance will extend the life of your equipment and keep your entire system running at peak performance. As your equipment ages or becomes obsolete, KCH will recommend upgrades based on the newest available technology.

KCH performs maintenance on all systems, not just those designed by KCH. Our qualified technicians have been trained to work on any non-KCH manufactured control equipment making us a one-stop resource for all of your system needs. Let us help you reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime, costly emergency repairs, and expensive fines due to permit violations.

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