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System Installation ServicesWith over 35 years of combined experience in equipment installation, KCH can safely and properly install equipment at your facility with minimal downtime. Our specialists have the equipment and expertise to install rooftop, outdoor, and indoor Air Pollution Systems, including wide facilities in which traditional crane installation is not an option.

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Equipment Installation Highlights:

Equipment is installed in a manner to mitigate unsafe operation.
Equipment and ducts are installed to make certain that your system will perform to specification.
All field PVC joints are welded using the hot-air fusion method-three passes on each joint to provide an airtight, leak-proof system.
All polypropylene welds are joined using the hot-gas fusion welding method to ensure that the final product is completely air and water-tight.
Ductwork is hung in accordance to SMACNA recommendations, using appropriately-sized hangers and reinforcement as required.
Hoods are installed to provide rigidity and ensure system integrity.
Fans are constructed on a steel frame, which can be easily mounted to a permanent structure at your location.
Scrubbers are built on a steel frame to provide rigidity to the entire system, as well as aid in the installation process.
Corrosion-resistant materials are utilized throughout the installation to add longevity to the life of your equipment.

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