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We know how costly downtime can be, particularly when simple problems require complex solutions. So when it comes to repairing ventilation equipment, look no further. KCH has over 30 years of experience repairing other manufacturer’s ventilation systems.

Our system repair capabilities include:

Repair of cracked or broken PVC Ducts, as well as Scrubber vessels and Fan bodies. This is accomplished by cleaning affected areas to access fresh material where a hot-air fusion welding method is used to mend the damaged area.
Leaks in your process Tanks can be detrimental to personnel as well as the environment. We repair all types of tanks whether they are polypropylene, PVC, Kynar®, fiberglass, or Koroseal® Lined. These repairs are accomplished through a variety of methods and as tank manufacturers ourselves, we are already equipped with the materials and the personnel to handle all aspects of your repair.
Scrubbers and Mist Eliminators have many components which, over time, need some attention. Problems ranging from something as simple as replacing spray nozzles to overhauling a complete Scrubber Vessel can be handled by our expert service team. We can also help you identify potential problems, such as erratic differential pressure readings and flow rates, before they become serious (and costly) issues. Learn more about our Preventative Maintenance service.
KCH builds Exhaust Fans from the ground up, so when it comes to repairing them, we have an advantage over most. If we do not have a needed part in stock, we can fabricate the parts that are needed with short lead times. If your exhaust or push fan needs to be balanced, repaired, serviced, or replaced, we have both the facility and staff to do the job.

All systems are different, and each can experience a variety of problems. Consider investing in a KCH Preventative Maintenance Agreement to fix your problems before they start. Let us take care of your equipment so that you don't have to.

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