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KCH is committed to making sure that your Air Pollution Control System begins operation as quickly and efficiently as possible. To achieve this, we offer a startup assistance program for our customers. A trained and qualified technician with extensive knowledge of your equipment – and a direct link to our manufacturing plant and its resources – will be on-site to prepare the system for operation.

This program helps ensure that there are no "loose ends" that may not have been addressed during installation and allows customers to ask questions they may have before startup. Working with a checklist designed for your unique equipment, we can verify that there are no obstructions or complications before the equipment is put into service.

A few advantages of utilizing Startup Assistance:

Inspection of Ductwork: Connections, Hangars, Reinforcements, etc.
Inspection of Hoods: Damper positions, arrangement, positioning, etc.
Inspection of Scrubbers: Plumbing, Spray headers and nozzles, debris free, etc.
Inspection of Fans: Drive arrangements, Lubrication, Electrical debris free, etc.
Inspection of Control Panels: Electrical, Programming Assistance, etc.
Inspection of Process Tanks: Leaks, Heaters, Arrangements, etc.

Another benefit to having a factory representative on-site during the startup procedure is that they can assist you and your staff in setting up and understanding safety procedures for the operation and maintenance of your new equipment. Should any problems arise, the KCH technician will be on-site to lend a hand resolving any issues that arise. If any serious problems occur, then you will have a direct line to the manufacturing plant to help expedite any necessary changes.

Let KCH transform your system installation stress into peace of mind and ensure that your system will be in operation for years to come. Learn more about our Preventative Maintenance program.

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