Air Pollution Control Systems

Air Pollution Control SystemsKCH designs and builds complete air pollution control systems. Each system typically consists of four major components to include: Exhaust Hoods, Ducting, Scrubbers, Mist Eliminators, and the Fan/Blower. These complete systems are designed and built in house to the standards of ACGIH, ANSI Z9.10,SMACNA, and others.  


Odor Control Systems

Odor Control SystemsKCH offers the most complete line of vapor phase odor control technologies in the industry.  KCH odor control equipment includes Biotrickling Filters, Chemical Scrubbers, Carbon Adsorbers, Multi Stage Bi-directional Scrubbers, AMCA Rated Fans, and Corrosion Resistant Ducting. KCH manufactures all of the key components at our facilities to make up an entire system. Our vapor phase odor abatement systems are most often required in the Municipal Wastewater Industry.  KCH also provides Degasifiers for Drinking Water Odor Control and removal of Hydrogen Sulfide.  


Surface Finishing Systems

Surface Finishing SystemsKCH has designed and built some of the most advanced wet processing lines in the Surface Finishing Industry. From process tanks and manual process lines, to automated wet process lines, we have the in-house engineering and manufacturing expertise to design and build your system from start to finish. As a standard for energy savings and employee safety, KCH integrates its EPA Verified ACTSEC Smart Tank Covers into most all of our process lines. 

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