Air Pollution Control Systems

Mist Eliminator and Fan
Multi Stage Mist Eliminator and Fan

Air Pollution Control Systems vary from industry to industry depending on the type of hazardous emissions that need to be eliminated. Because of the corrosive nature in many of these emissions, corrosion resistant materials are required. Thermoplastics such as PVC and Polypropylene are often used as material selections. KCH often recommends POLYSTRONG® or POLYLAST® Materials for outdoor applications requiring a combination of UV Protection and Structural Durability. 

Air Pollution Control Systems are required in many industrial facilities due to health and safety regulations enforced by OSHA, EPA, as well as State Agencies.

Each system is comprised of numerous components, including Mist Eliminators, Ducts, Fume and Exhaust Hoods, Exhaust Fans or Blowers, Scrubbers, and Carbon Adsorbers all developed and manufactured here at KCH.

KCH can custom fit any system to your needs. Whether you are in need of a repair, one part, or an entire system, contact us to start a quote today.

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