Odor Control Systems

Also known as: Odor Abatement Systems, Odor Treatment Systems, Vapor Phase Odor Control


KCH is a single source for complete, packaged Odor Control Systems. Major nuisance odors are often broken down to specific compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans, disulfides, or other VOCs.  

Most Odor Control Systems are installed outdoors. The materials and structural integrity of the equipment are subject to wind forces and UV degradation from the sun. To withstand these forces, KCH manufactures it’s equipment from POLYSTRONG® and POLYLAST® materials, which have been subjected to rigorous lab testing, and are proven as long lasting, structurally sound materials for outdoor applications.   

The three most common technologies for odor control are Chemical Scrubbers, Biotrickling Filters, and Carbon Adsorbers. Selection of the proper technology depends on various factors.  

KCH Comparison Chart Process Tanks V3

View the Comparison of Odor Control Technologies chart as a general guide when choosing Odor Control Technology. Many factors can have a major effect on equipment performance. Please consult KCH to select the best technology for your needs.

Products can be provided as independent systems or combined technologies for multiple odor compounds, such as combining Biotrickling Filters with Carbon Adsorption units. 

KCH can custom fit any system to your needs. Whether you are in need of a repair, one part, or an entire system, contact us to start a quote today.

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